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       Sensor technology PSEN from Pilz - Comprehensive, individual
  When there's a high degree of automation, safety sensors are absolutely essential in ensuring the highest 
  level  of cost effectiveness and process safety. Used in conjunction with Pilz safe control technology, Pilz safe 
  sensor technology PSEN provides cost efficient protection for man and machine, in compliance with the 
  standards - for your success.

    Performance range, sensor technology  

 Position switches and proximity switches
 Safe proximity switches PSENini detect the approach of metallic objects
 without the use of contacts and thereby supply the necessary safe
 signals. The safe rope pull switch PSENrope enables the E-STOP
 function to be triggered through manual operation of the rope,
 effectively stopping the functional process.
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 Safety switches
 The safety switches PSENmech, PSENmag, PSENcode, PSENhinge and
 the safety bolt PSENbolt are available with various designs and operating
 principles and can be used under difficult environmental conditions.
 Additional costs can be saved when connected in series.
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 Safety gate systems
 Safety gate systems PSENslock and PSENsgate include all the safety
 functions needed to monitor safety gates in the smallest possible space.
 Safe position monitoring, guard locking and monitoring for broken
 bolts/handles are all contained in one system.
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 Optoelectronic protective devices
 Use optoelectronic protective devices PSENopt to safeguard danger
 zones, where the production process requires active intervention.
 PSENopt provides finger, hand and body protection in accordance with
 EN/IEC 61496-1-2.
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 Safe camera systems
 In the field of safe camera systems, with SafetyEYE Pilz has the world's 
 first "sight-based" safety technology for three-dimensional zone
 monitoring. The camera-based protection and measuring system
 PSENvip is a mobile protection system and is used to monitor and
 control press brakes safely.
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